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What is the GMAT?

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The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a Computer Adaptive standardised test in mathematics and the English language for measuring ability to succeed pedagogically in graduate business studies. Business schools generally use the test as one of many selection criteria for admission into graduate business administration programs ( MBA, Master of Accountancy, etc.) principally in the United States, even in other English speaking countries. It is provided via computer at various locations around globally.

In those international locations where an vast network of computers has not yet been situated, the GMAT is provided either at temporary computer based testing centers on a finite schedule or as a paper based test that given once or twice a year at local testing centers.

The test measures major thinking skills in language and math, plus it has an essay writing part.

Because admission in the top business schools like Harvard, Stanford, Michigan, Duke, etc – is too competitive, the GMAT is only way of narrowing down the list of well made applicants. Usually, a score of 700 or 750 is seen as the magical cut-off number. But the GMAT is never the most vital factor in deciding who gets admitted, for any school. For many schools, the essential thing is just getting an average score, not a perfect score.


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